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I love every thing 'Crafty' including my grandchildren :) I am always tinkering with needles and pins. I enjoy,machine embroidery, sewing,crochet,Knitting for itty bitty dolls & Cardmaking. I most enjoy making things for Charity hence the making of so many different craft's This is my first attempt at blogging !! (when i learn a bit more) I intend to show my crafts and some of the stuff I have collected and made over the years. I get a lot of pleasure crafting for Charity, At the moment I am knitting clothes for 5" 8" & 10"dolls I have just purchased 2 American Girl Dolls (18") for models for my new range of dolls clothes. I will post some of these when I get them ready. thank you for visiting my blog xx My kids say I could never make money as once I've mastered something I move on to the next project.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dolls House shadow boxes.

I have not turned on the lights as they reflect in the glass,
All the items are 1/12 scale = 1 inch to the foot I have made the clothes & bedding
I have not posted on this blog for a while now , the real world caught up with me & I had so much to do I just did not have time ,but here goes I will have another go.
 I have joined the miniture world & am enjoying this a lot, making 1/12th scale items & dolls houses
I have nearly compleated my department store, most of what you see, I have made myself , except the cabinits, the basic pieces of the house were cut from a sheet of MDF, by a very helpful gentleman at
B&Q Lisburn. I only had to cut out the windows & door & shape the roof,.The Top floor is a Gift Shop the 2 shabby sheak cabinits I bought the rest I made , the second floor is aJjewellary & French Perfume store, the ground floor is a  Bridal Shop I made the little dresses myself
This is it my first attempt at making a dolls house.( Shop ) oh nearly forgot I did the electric lights myself So easy when you use uTube, so much free information you cant go wrong .
 I hope you like it
This little cabinit I bought on eBay & dressed with little perfume bottles made from beads,

Again the cabinets were filled with little necklaces I made

                            Sorry the photo is not the best I need some practise with the canera
                                                 I hand sewed the 6 little bride dresses

  this is the near end result just a little bit of tweeking & I will be very pleased with the result 

Mum & Dad

 This is my Mum knitting & Dad reading his Bible.I have just comissioned Susan Emsell a very talented doll maker to make these for the dolls for the dolls house I am working on at the moment,
it will be a replica of our family home in Belfast
                      (I am so pleased with these likeness of our Mum & Dad)

photos not so good I will try for better ones later xx enjoy

Friday, 9 September 2011

Santa Claus is coming soon ....Yippe!....

   Machined Embroidered and mounted in
Crart Creations White Linen Appature Card

My 2nd Scrapbook page

This page was created in Scrapbook Artist 2 & was uploades to Daisytrail

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Machine embroidered Clown Pillow


Monday, 29 August 2011

My Buddies.

                   My first scrapbook page :)  Penny, Megan & Gizz . All 4 years old

Saturday, 27 August 2011

One of my Itty Bitty doll's

This is one of my collection of 5" dolls I knit clothes for them which I sell for Charity.
 You can see some more on page 2